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The Posse's Community

The Prettiest Princess

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how sad would it be if a bunch of punk kids made their own community to post in when they already all know each other and see each other almost every fucking minute of every fucking day? yea, it is pretty sad. i need some action . . . .
"planning", 2gether, action, action figures, adult swim, anime, apple juice, asa, azns, barnes n noble, bending, bitches, blaine, boredom, bowling, buenos dias, cam whores, canadia, captain planet, christopher walken, church of england, church-y chris, civ iii, clint eastwood, cloves, comics, cranberry juice, crazy-ass truckmobile, dance dance, dave matthews, earl's place, family guy, fark.com, flashing low-level internet celebreties, forties, foxy snow ladies, freaking out the norms, futurama, ghetto-fabulous, giant fighting robots, gin and juice, growing hair, hardcore nerdery, hitler scenarios, hos, hot pockets, hot tubs, indecision, jakub's mom, johnny, johnny depp, kids in the hall, killing time, kylie minogue, laziness, leap year day, legitimate theater, legos, liberation, little shop of horrors, little steven homemaker, mafro, magic hate ball, making fun of matt, manga, maroon 5, megatokyo, milk, mindless self indulgence, monkeyball!!!, monty python, motivation, mr2, mst3k, munchkin, muppets, musicals, naked pool parties, neverwinter nights, ninja turtles, nudity, over-achieving, penny arcade, pie, pimpin' steve's hos, pink bear, pink floyd, pirates, plotting each other's murders, pocky, poetry, poker, polish sausage, ponchos, pool, porches, porn, princesses, ravs, risk, ritualistic suicide, sandwiches, sbc (school bus committee), sex (please), sexy phones, shakira's hips, sideshow luke perry, simpsons, slave babies, smashing punpkins, sock puppets, speed racer, stileproject.com, stimutax, straight no chaser, street luge, supercool, the android's dungeon, the sims, the system is down, the wacky circumference, thongs, threesomes, tng, token black preson, tori amos, troy mclure, under-achieving, volvos, wacking day, wang banging